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Let me being by telling you a story about a man who was going skydiving for the first time. He had taken all his lessons and it was time for his first solo jump. So he jumped out of the plane, but he panicked and couldn’t remember how to open his parachute. As he was falling rapidly to the earth he suddenly met another guy who is going up. So he seizes the opportunity and shouts, "Hey, buddy do you know how to open a parachute?" The guy shouts back, "No! Do you know how to light a propane stove?"

You do not have to know how something works to have faith in it. Combustion in your vehicle engine, BTU’s in you heater, oxygen in the air we breathe >21% (20.95).

Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of faith is to see what we believe.

Little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but great faith will bring heaven to your soul.

Faith is not merely your holding on to God--it is God holding on to you. He will not let you go!

Faith, Doubt, and Unbelief

When Peter saw by faith he actually could walk on water, he made a commitment with both of his feet to step over the rim.

Unbelief keeps both feet inside the boat. Doubt takes one step out of the boat and keeps one foot in. But faith steps completely out of the boat.

Then the waves started to stir and it Scared Peter. He began to sink, but Jesus was there to save him.

3 Kinds of Believers

There are 3 kinds of believers in church:

1. Believers

2. Unbelievers

3. Make-believers

It is not enough to just believe in God, we must act on our faith. You have faith that your car will get you to the store, but you can’t just sit in it, you have to take action.

Faith is belief in or having a confident attitude toward God that should result in a commitment to His will for your life.

Faith is a key element in some people's lives. In other words, "the just should live by faith."

God has given everyone "a measure of faith" according to Romans 12:3.

Therefore, everyone has some faith even if it is as small as a mustard seed. Everyone's faith is not the same.

There are five types of faith, and these five types can overlap. People can have more than one kind at a particular time. The good news is that an individual can have all of the different types of faith. On the other hand, some people might feel that they don't have any of them or none of them are operating in their lives.

Doctrinal Faith:

Faith based on the word of God and the teachings of the Bible.

Saving Faith:

Faith resulting from believing and confessing that Jesus died and God raised him from the dead.

Justifying Faith.

Belief you have been forgiven and cleansed by God just as if you had never sinned.

Indwelling Faith:

Practicing the presence of God, experiencing communion with God and believing that he is with you at all times.

Daily Faith:

Believing God is meeting your needs on a daily basis even when it is not evident.

Genuine faith is your personal attachment to God.

Genuine faith is your reliance on God and your commitment to God.

What kind of faith do you have?

Jesus did not say, “Have faith,” but “Have faith in God.”

Faith has no value by itself; only the object (God) has value.

The single most important thing in a person's life is faith in God. The question is what does that mean? Note what God says about faith:

Ephesians 2:8-9 declares only by faith in Jesus Christ can a person be saved, have his sins forgiven, and receive eternal life with God in heaven.

Hebrews 11:6 further explains that we are not only saved by faith and trust in Him, but cannot please Him apart from faith.

Paul Harvey made a statement that is very true. He said, “IF you don't live it, you don't believe it!"

Biblical faith is more than the knowledge of is the application of the knowledge we believe.

We can say we believe all we want too, but....if that belief does not affect our lives, it is not biblical faith.

1. Faith is not a leap in to the dark. Many think faith is like jumping off a building. All the way down you hope there is something that will break your fall and save you.

This is not biblical faith! Biblical faith knows the final outcome. However, knowing and believing in the reality of what happens when a person falls off a high building should keep the sensible man from jumping or falling off the building.

2. True faith is based on God's revealed TRUTH. It is based in knowledge and acceptance of the truth. It is based on the One who is is based on God's own Word as written in His Word the Bible. It is based in Jesus Christ, in who He is, and what He came to earth and accomplished.

3. It is based on the promise of One who is all powerful and can bring about what He wills to happen. What He promises HE can and will do!

Biblical faith in founding in the Person of Jesus Christ and His character.

Do you ever wonder why the cults and false religion all deny He is God?

It is a cunning deception of Satan to degrade the Lord and show Him as less than He truly is. He is a way to cause a person to doubt His power and character.

He is God. As fully and wholly God is can do all He has promised! That is a message and truth Satan tried to weaken and bring into question.

There are some religions proclaims that their faithful men can become God's?

It is just a ploy to strip Jesus Christ of His divinity, power, righteousness, dignity, and drag Him down to the level of sinful man.

What is so special about can become a Jesus yourself! You can be a god too.


If we believe something strong enough then God must perform it.

Nowhere in the Bible does it tell us we can control God by believing.


The greater your trust in God, the more dependent you are on Him...the greater things God will do through you.


When you are trusting in God and relying on His provision and intervention in your is God who is doing the work and not you. He is using you because your faith in Him allows Him to.

Folks the question is simply this: WILL YOU BELIEVE GOD TODAY?

That yes, you are a sinner. Yes you know that if you die you would spend eternity in hell.

You know it is true...not because a preacher said it...but because God said.

Would you also believe what God has said about the Lord Jesus Christ..

You do not have to spend an eternity in hell. Christ Jesus has already paid you for your sins...and God says he will wipe the slate clean...if you will by simple faith trust him...right now. God has promised that to you

You have God's word on the matter, He will save you, simply take God at His word.